Towards a technological hegemony of China

Gian Carlo Delgado Ramos
Asian Affairs. No. 28. Summer, 2008. pp. 71-84.
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The present growth without precedent of the Chinese economy has modified its relative world position in various fields. This is particularly true of its scientific development, so much so that in the mass media, China is often presented as the “red dragon” that will one day gobble up the rest of the world.

This brief paper tries to evaluate the strength of the scientific sector and its potential to consolidate into what I have described elsewhere (1) as an “industrial network”, that is to say, towards a structure that is characterized in the capitalist countries by its strong bonds and synergies between the economic actors of the nation, its military, its agents (such as domestic multinational), and the academic and research world (e.g. universities, institutes of research, etc…).

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