Climate change-sensitive cities. Editor’s introduction Gian Carlo Delgado Ramos

Cities sensitive to climate change associated risks
Chapter 1. An approach to integral risk management associated with climate change in Mexican cities
Marisol Angles Hernandez

Chapter 2. Climate change, urban expansion and conservation in Mexico City’s periphery: between ignorance and good intentions.
Jorge Escandon Calderon

Adaptation and integral management in climate change- sensitive cities: challenges and opportunities in urban governance
Chapter 3. Water quality risks associated with climate change: three Mexico City case studies
Blanca Jimenez Cisneros, Ines Navarro Gonzalez and Raquel Montes

Chapter 4. Water management and adaptation to climate change in urban settings: between dominant paradigms and local dynamics.
Celia Ruiz de Oña Plaza
Chapter 5. Green infrastructure in walkable neighborhoods: a climate change adaptation strategy for cities in drylands. 
Adriana A Zuñiga-Teran

III. Water, energy, land use, urban nexuses and synergies in climate change sensitive cities
Chapter 6. Water-energy nexus in semiarid regions and coastal cities of California and Baja California
Gabriela Muñoz Melendez, Sonya Ziaja and Guido Franco
Chapter 7. Transforming urban water infrastructure for a changing climate context in Los Angeles and Mexico City
Gian Carlo Delgado Ramos and Hilda Blanco
IV. Cross-cutting issues in the urban transition agenda: finance, gender and education
Chapter 8. Green financing for cities: current options and future challenges
Antonina Ivanova
Chapter 9. Gender, climate change and cities: A case study of gendered climate policy in Mexico City
Ana De Luca Zuria and Miriam Gay-Antaki
Chapter 10. Climate change education: an analysis of the educational measures in Climate Action Plans of urban municipalities in Mexico
Veronica Vazquez Zentella
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